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GAALC Sarangi music training school academy in India conducts internet web based online Sarangi learning lessons on Skype and Google + Hangouts by Indian Sarangi training Instructors online. The affordable, low cost price Sarangi online class lessons for beginners offered by the best online Sarangi guru teachers in India to learn how to play Sarangi Indian Hindustani classical music instrument online are the top rated live, one - on - one, private Sarangi teaching lessons online.The free YouTube Sarangi training videos by Sarangi trainers in India to learn about beginner and advanced Sarangi playing techniques online on Skype and the online search to find Sarangi learning videos on Sarangi tuning techniques are available on 'GAALC MUSIC' YouTube channel.


Indian Musical Instruments Learning Lessons Online - GAALC Music School - Sarangi Classes Online

GAALC - Indian music school offers online classes for learning how to play Indian classical music instruments, the online instrumental music lessons to learn playing the North Indian Hindustani musical instruments like Sarangi and the South Indian Carnatic musical instruments. GAALC Instrumental music learning lessons are conducted as music curriculum guided short term (24 months duration course), regular term (36 months duration course) and the extended term (54 monthsduration course) courses for beginners, intermediate and Advanced level music students to learn playing Indian musical instruments, such as Sarangi, as a hobby. The unlimited duration music class lessons for kids, children, young adults, senior citizens, university, college and school students are also offered by GAALC. The online music lessons are facilitated on internet through Skype and Google Hangouts video call programs.

The qualified, highly experienced music school faculty at GAALC school of Indian music ensures extensive, high quality teaching / training in Indian classical instrumental music by the senior Indian instrumental music teachers, Indian musicians, music Gharanas guru in India, top rated Indian musical instruments trainers and the famous music instructors in India for learning the following Indian musical instruments:

LEARN PLAYING STRINGS INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - GAALC Online music training class lessons for learning how to play Sitar, Tanpura, Sarangi, Santoor, Sarod, Indian Carnatic Violin, Hindustani Veena, Carnatic Veena, Ektara, Dotara, Rabab (Rubab), Tambura etc. Indian Hindustani musical instruments and Carnatic music instruments.

LEARN PLAYING INDIAN PERCUSSION MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - GAALC Online music training class lessons for learning how to play Tabla, Dhol, Dholak, Dholki, Damru, Nagara, Pakhawaj, Mridangam, Ghatam, Duff, Loh Tarang and Jal Tarang etc. Indian Hindustani and Carnatic music instruments.

LEARN PLAYING WIND INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - GAALC Online music training class lessons for learning how to play Hindustani Bamboo Flute Bansuri, Shehnai, Venu Carnatic flute Woodwind etc Indian Hindustani music instruments and Carnatic music instruments.

LEARN PLAYING KEY BASED INDIAN MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS - GAALC Online music training class lessons for learning how to play Hindustani and Carnatic music on Keyboard / Synthesizer, Hindustani music on Keyboard etc. Indian Carnatic musical instruments and Hindustani music instruments.

The Indian classical music instruments and the Indian folk musical instruments most commonly used North Indian classical music instruments in Hindustani Classical music - North Indian music are Sitar, Veena, Tanpura, Bansuri bamboo flute, Shehnai, Sarangi, Pakhawaj, Tabla, Dholak etc. and some other Indian musical instruments which are used in Carnatik Classical music - Karnatik music (Karnataka) south Indian music are Venu, Carnatic Veena, Mridangam - Miruthagam, Venu - Carnatic bamboo flute, Konnakkol, Nadhaswaram, Ghatam, Thavil, Carnatic violin etc.

The online instrumental music learning class lessons on Skype and Google Hangouts music training programs for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels are of 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 minutes duration each and in addition to learning about playing Sarangi, the instrumental music course student also learns about - knowledge of the Indian music instruments, instrumental music notes and sound, origin and types of Indian musical instruments, work of noted instrumental musicians of India and the world, learning how to play Indian music instruments, performing on solo and chorus musical compositions etc.

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